Serigraph Edition: 95 s/n Size: 20" x 14" Price: $390

Balance Rock, a glacial erradic deposited in this position on a sale beach just north of Skidegate mission, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) has bore witness to 10,000 years of pounding waves from Hecate Strait.

Here daylights thunderbird moon watches the superimposed figures of eagle (on the right), the two clans of the Haida nation, where the human infant form in the pivot point of the balanced rock. Haida culture's hereditary moiety is matrilineal, Raven must wed Eagle and marriage between clans was forbidden.

In this, the first silkscreen printed by April's workshop "Wind Spirit Printmakers", the balance of art and the elements symbolise April's culture and life as an artist and geologist.