jitterbug cafe beverage menu
House Wine:
white wine sangria - housemade
by the glass $2.95
1/2L $6.95
1 L $10.95
(00) Italian Citra, white or red
by the glass $3.50
1/2L $8.95
1 L $14.95
The Whites:
(02) Gehringer Riesling (B.C.)$15.95
(00) Drosdy Hof Chard. (S. Africa)$16.95
The Reds:
(00) Duboeuf Beaujolais (France)$19.95
(00) Mondavi Zinfandel (California)$17.95
The Rose:
(00) Sumac Ridge (B.C.) $16.95
Granville Is. Pale Ale / Labatt Gen. Draft$3.50
Cider apple, peach or blackberry $3.50
Cold Drinks:
Raspberry Lemonade$1.95
Today's Fresh Juice$1.95
Iced Cappuccino$1.95
Lemon Iced Tea$1.95
Italian Sodas$2.50
Hot Drinks:
Fresh Brewed Coffee $1.50
Hot Tea, black or herbal $1.50
Hot Chocolate$1.95
Espresso Bar:
Espresso $1.95
Cafe Mocha or Latte$3.50
Steamed Milk with flavouring$2.95
Cocktails & Highballs$4.25
jitterbug lemonade cocktail with gin or vodka $3.95
Coffee Drinks:
Persian Coffee (brandy and cream)$4.50
Spanish Coffee(Brandy, Kahlua)$4.95
Monte Christo(grand marnier and kahlua)$4.95


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