Wind Spirit is a unique environment created for the appreciation of simple pleasures. Nestled in a country garden, this picturesque building houses a fine art gallery and and a café offering wonderful food. Nearby, the printmaking workshop provides the opportunity to learn & create. There is even a cozy guest cottage to relax and enjoy the experience.

Located in Powell River on British Columbia's west coast, Wind Spirit showcases the treasures this corner of the world has to offer. Inquires are always welcome.

Note: This site was built around the underlying logic that "if you don't have the technology to see the pictures, you wouldn't be browsing an online art gallery anyway!". Therefore, most (if not all) of our pages are optimised for the latest wave of browsing software: Netscape Navigator, NCSA Mosaic, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. If this software is not available to you, our site offers several alternatives: you can request a full-colour portfolio to be sent to your postal address, plus you can purchase artwork directly from our ordering page, mail, phone or fax:

Wind Spirit Gallery

4643 Marine Avenue Powell River BC V8A 2K8
Voice: 1-604-485-7572 / Fax: 1-604-485-7521

This is but our second month on the Web -- some links are not yet complete. For best results, explore the artwork of Jack Gibson and April White. Meanwhile, don't forget to send all bug reports and commentary here...

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